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IQ Capital welcome investment opportunities from companies in the high tech sector (cleantech, biotech, medtech, software, etc). Investment propositions will be screened according to the investment criteria of the fund(s) of interest.

Use the form below to FIRST SUBMIT your investment proposition. NEXT, ATTACH any documents that support the investment case. Companies will receive an initial feedback within seven days.

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The company's unique registration number.
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The number of full time staff at the time of application

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A brief overview of what the business does (or will do)

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Your revenues for the last complete financial year.
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The total size/amount of the current round.

How Much Are You Trying to
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Add the amount of capital you are looking to raise from our funds ONLY. If you haven't got commitments from other investors, please add the total amount of the round

Current round pre-money valuation in GBP

Brief Company Plans for the New Capital *
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Add a brief summary of what the capital is going to be used for e.g. support marketing sales, product development, support team growth, etc.

Which funds are you applying to?

IQ Capital Fund

GEIF Ventures


GEIF/The Forum

Add Attachments...

Use this section to attach any files supporting your investment case (up to 5 files can be uploaded). One of the files MUST include background information on the management team.

Note that attachments can only be accepted in the following formats: Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Powerpoint (.ppt), PDF

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